BullyBag® Ultra Pouch (Paddle Clip)

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The Industry tool solution for the field professional.
Bullybag Ultra Pouch w Paddle Clip does not need a belt – clips right on your waist. High speed low drag field success!


BullyBag® Ultra Pouch – Industry Tool Solutions for field professionals – a comprehensive, organized, balanced, hip holstered high speed / low drag unit. Rugged but hyper professional in appearance and made to endure, the Ultra Pouch is your versatile, organized, time-efficient, functional & hyper-effective edge in the field.  BullyBag® – the gear of choice for professionals that Claim The Storm®, every day.


Features made to work:

12 chambers in all Capable to handle what you need when you need it.  Efficient is effective.
1680 Ballistic Nylon Flak jacket material – reliable, professional and almost as tough as you are.
Reinforced ergonomic “Paddle” hip-clip – All-day balance and comfort – Balanced easy on, easy off. High speed / low drag.
Quality – Double-stitched seams = years of dependability.
Business card chamber – Because you left those in the truck.
2 Delrin® hooks for versatile lightweight/quick hands-free control.
Easy to Clean – a floating main pouch makes maintenance a breeze.
5 sealable hook-n-loop pouches – Tool security & efficiency
4 – 1″ Powder Coated D-Rings – Versatility for tethering other gear.
3 Elastic top ridged pockets with oversize flaps – Because you protect what you need and use every day (phone, camera, laser measure, etc…)
Utility/Tape Measure Clip – Designed and powder coated for effective use.
2 Vertical Tool Slots – For pry-bar, Haag shingle gauge, or other linear tools.
2 pen/2 battery slots – Always ready. Always effective.


*The Ultra Pouch is available with our retractable Tool Managers:  1-Badge Retainer & 1-Gear Retainer to help you keep your field tools from becoming lost (again) or worse, a falling hazard from a height.

Over 5 years in field design, the BullyBag® Ultra Pouch – Ready to work, just as hard as you are.


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Additional information

Weight15 oz
Dimensions12 × 9 × 3 in
Retainer Options

With Retainers, Without Retainers

14 reviews for BullyBag® Ultra Pouch (Paddle Clip)

  1. Harry (verified owner)

    Best Bag ever!

  2. Marcus

    Durable quality and rugged design. I am rough on my equipment and tools, but this bag has shown no signs of distress. What I really like best is the paddle clip. I don’t always wear a belt, and being able to clip this bag on in a second, regardless of if I have a belt on or not is great. I thought it would need a clip to stay positioned on my leg and not flop around, but the design of the paddle and the size of the bag are perfect for keeping the Bullybag secure if I am running, climbing or crouching. The only criticism I have about this bag… hmm… I haven’t anything critical to say at this point… but if I think of something I will be sure to add it to this review. Great product!

  3. Ray Van Trump (verified owner)

    Great bag, A must have if your a professional Adjustor, the right tool for the job. Well designed and durable, used this bag on claims for hurricane Florence and found it to be very handy for keeping all my tools organized and saves time👍👍👍

  4. Keifer

    Great bag! Very durable and comfortable.

  5. BJ Thumser (verified owner)

    Here’s my rundown on the BullyBag. I’m digging it by the way! I’ve had contractors comment on it and ask where I got it. I tell them the website. By the way, you asked my opinion, so I’m gonna give it to you straight!

    Pros –
    1. The hidden pockets on the sides of the bag are awesome for the shingle gauge and I carry a little 5″ mini crow bar for pulling Itel samples here and there. I love the design of them, and everything fits snug. A+ on that.

    2. The paddle – another A+. I never struggle with it, and the bag is actually less bulky than my old tool belt. It’s made well, feels sturdy, the zippers aren’t a piece of shit that I have to struggle with, and it folds very nicely and conveniently in my under back seat storage of the truck.

    3. The small pockets on the front sides (flashlight clip pocket). They are placed in a great spot and the perfect size for a sharpie on one side (I use to label the back of samples with the insureds name otherwise I have 3 samples or 4 and forget who’s it was). I don’t however, like the way the fabric at the bottom of that pocket is just folded over and stitched. I would rather that pocket have a round bottom to it.

    4, Cargo space – Tons of space for my Flir, Chalk, pair of gloves, utility knife, siding zipper, and the little hidden pocket on the inside is perfect for the moisture lead for the Flir Imager. It’s crazy hard to find a good carrier for that Flir. I’ve been looking, forever. There isn’t one. But you got it. I like that a lot.

    5. Tape Measure holder – Used for the first time today. I don’t use a tape much because I get Eagle View for free and use the laser for everything else. The tape measure clip is in the most perfect, natural spot I could imagine it to be in.

    Cons (For me)

    1. The Velcro cover on the side pocket. It has elastic inside of it too. It can be a pain to get the laser out of it. This is my dedicated laser pocket, because its the tool I use the most. I tuck the securing flap inside of the pocket, and it fits my Disto D2 perfectly!

    2. The D rings alongside the zipper. It would make using the zipper a little easier to move them down or something. I don’t even use them because there is plenty enough cargo space for everything else. (Thanks for the extra zip zips by the way), but I don’t use them, because there is a spot for everything.

    3. The elastic on the front pocket. If that elastic wasn’t there, it would bear your logo better, and it would fit a Johnson pitch gauge perfectly. I have the gauge in there now, but I’m struggling with getting to it because of the elastic. That’s good elastic though. Heavy duty.

    That’s about it! It’s my everyday inspection bag now and I love it! Please keep in mind that this is just my opinion, and it doesn’t mean anything. Hope I didn’t offend. BULLYBAG! Its the best I’ve found yet! Thanks!

    BJ Thumser
    Independent Claims Adjuster

    • Jerod Allen (verified owner)

      Thanks BJ for the very thorough review!

  6. Sara

    Can’t believe I ever thought a tool belt was good for an adjuster…No belt is like this pouch. The paddle clip and interior pocket I use for my chalk were GAME CHANGING. I’ll never wear a belt again.
    Thanks BullyBag!

  7. Bob (verified owner)

    Best Customer Service in a long time! Greatly exceeded expectations!

    Bag exceeded as well. Functional, holds what’s needed – and it’s hard to fill up. 🙂
    Really like the paddle clip for it’s ease. Would buy again because of excellent service and the bag itself.

  8. Jeremy D. Crowe (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best tool for the job!

    That’s the defining differences between typical off the shelf tool bags at your local big box hardware stores and the BullyBag.
    I’m a R&H adjuster so for me having a bag that fits perfectly and doesn’t create safety issues while using is a plus. As it’s been stated by others and echoed by myself included it makes a huge difference when a product is purpose designed for the application. The BullyBag has already changed how I conduct roof inspections, allowing me to better organize my tools and has eliminated two unwieldy Velcro tool belt pouches that didn’t work.

    I fully recommend this for every adjuster that has struggled to find that perfect tool for the job. Sometimes what works on the ground does not work 2-3 stories up. I’m extremely happy with my BullyBag! Thanks Jerod!

  9. Patrick Kimmell (verified owner)

    Duke and I can’t imagine life without the BullyBag. Durable, comfortable and helps with the efficiency of our day. If you don’t have one, get one. If you have one, buy another. – Patrick Kimmell

  10. Cole Corvin

    Awesome product. I use this for all my home and roof inspections.

  11. Rob Claus

    I purchased my bag at a trade show. I have completed 20 inspections using the bag and I really like it.

  12. Pawel Palka

    We got these bags for the whole team, great product guys.

  13. Chad Frothingham (verified owner)

    Wow I gotta tell you this stuff is awesome. Fits perfectly game changer for sure. If you guys ever need a rep out here let me know. I’ve been using acculine for about 10 years. This new clip board is magical compared to the one I’ve been using all these years. That tape is freakin awesome too. Grabs and hangs on so much easier to corner posts and double sides with numbers another bonus.
    Thanks for such prompt professional service.

  14. Dave

    I’m an adjuster working the Hurricanes down in Louisiana. I had this but didn’t use for a while during the beginning of Laura because of the extra heat from the coverage of the paddle clip and the bag in the S. Louisiana heat but started about halfway through and love having everything right with me. Wished I would have kept with it from the beginning. Still trying to figure out the best pouches for everything but that will be a work in progress for quite a while I’m sure as needs change. Very well built and loved being able to talk with Jared about it. He sent the double sided Acculine clipboard when it was available and that was a game changer for my messy interior scope notes. I can actually read them when doing the estimate now! Thankful that someone makes gear we can use for our job.

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