BandIt® Wrap 5 Pack


BullyBag BandIt Storage products are the best solutions for storing and organizing cords, hoses, rope, and so much more!

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5 Pack – 1 each size of our Amazing BandIt Wraps – Buying the 5 Pack provides you a savings of nearly $5.00 over buying all 5 Heavy-Duty BandIt Wrap Storage Straps individually!
BandIt Wraps utilize Heavy Duty webbing and incorporate our proprietary double grommet system that allows you to Band-It tight, even beyond the strength of our industrial strength hook and loop! BandIt Wraps are built to last both indoors and out.
Organize, hang, secure and store cords, hoses, rope, cables, light loads, tools and so much more!
BandIt Wraps are a terrific tool for getting organized around the house, in the garage, at the dock, in the truck, office, shop, shed, RV, boat, trailer or wherever! Untangle a seemingly non-ending world of clutter with the BandIt Wraps!
Super-Strong: Industrial strength hook & loop fastener grips tight and holds up to 75 lbs (Jumbo)!
Weatherproof: Our weather-resistant straps and coated rust-resistant grommets allows for use outdoors as well as in marine environments.
Multi-Purpose: Use for organizing just about anything. BandIt Wraps are for more than just your cords and attic!
Easy to Use For:
Extension Cords
Garden Hoses
Mooring Markers
Extension Cords: 25′ to 100-ft. +
Commercial Hoses 10 to 75 ft.+
Dock Line and Ski Rope
Generator Cords
Wet/Dry Vacuum Hoses
Rope and Chain
Conduit and Building Materials
Stabilize Light loads such as mowers and other tools
Secure it with the BandIt Wraps!

Product Specs:
5 Pack of BandIt Wraps Includes 1 each of the Small, Medium, Large, XL and Jumbo BandIt Wraps

BandIt Wrap Small – Product Specs:
Dimensions: 1.25″ x 10.75″ (2.5 cm x 27.5 cm)
Max Wrapping Capacity (Circumference): 9.75″ (25 cm)
Max Wrapping Capacity (Diameter): 3″ (7.5 cm)
Tightest Wrapping Capacity (Diameter) 1.25″ (3cm)
Maximum Weight Rating: 25 Pounds

BandIt Wrap Medium – Product Specs:
Dimensions: 1.875″ x 12″ (5 cm x 30.5 cm)
Max Wrapping Capacity (Circumference): 11″ (28 cm)
Max Wrapping Capacity (Diameter): 3.5″ (9 cm)
Tightest Wrapping Capacity (Diameter) .75″ (2.2cm)
Grommet Opening: .5″ (1.3 cm)

BandIt Wrap Large – Product Specs:
Dimensions: 2.25″ x 17.25″ (5.8 cm x 44 cm)
Max Wrapping Capacity (Circumference): 16.5″ (42 cm)
Max Wrapping Capacity (Diameter): 4.75″ (12.2 cm)
Grommet Opening: .5″ (1.3 cm)

BandIt Wrap XL – Product Specs:
Dimensions: 2.625″ x 34.25″ (6.8 cm x 87 cm)
Max Wrapping Capacity (Circumference): 32.625″ (83 cm)
Max Wrapping Capacity (Diameter): 11″ (28 cm)
Grommet Opening: .5″ (1.3 cm)

BandIt Wrap – Jumbo Product Specs:
Dimensions: 2.875″ x 42.5″ (7.2 cm x 108 cm)
Max Wrapping Capacity (Circumference): 40.5″ (103 cm)
Max Wrapping Capacity (Diameter): 13″ (33 cm)
Grommet Opening: .5″ (1.3 cm)

BandIt Heavy-Duty straps are weight rated.
10.75” size has a maximum weight rating of 25 lbs.
All other Heavy-duty BandIt Wraps (12”-42.5” sizes) have a maximum weight rating of 50 lbs. When using BandIt Wraps it is best to avoid sharp edges and hot or abrasive surfaces. For maximum strength ensure hook & loop surfaces overlap 100%. Do not hang objects in areas where damage or injury could occur if object falls. Do not use this product for loads subject to dynamic or vibrating conditions (such as movement, wind, vibration, etc.). Product is intended for static load applications only. Manufacturer and seller are not responsible for incorrect installation or improper use.

All other BullyBag products are not weight rated.

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