About Accu-Lines

Accu-Line, the brand that started the straight line (r)evolution.
The benchmark of sketching straight lines without a ruler since inventor R.E. Phillips patented the Accu-Line design in 1966.

CAD-Mat Sheets
The original Accu-Line Industries which later became know as The CAD-Mat, is an embedded plastic sheet for sketching straight lines without a ruler. Simply placing the sheet under any paper allows the user to sketch professional straight lines without a ruler.  The Accu-Line CAD Met went out of product circa 2016/17, and have been since been replaced by the Flipboard.
** UPDATE:  The CAD Mat Sheet is being brought back by popular demand for B2B customers and will be available late 2019 **

Accu-Lines FlipBoard
The Accu-Line Flipboard is a patent pending double sided clipboard making it hyper versatile, lightweight and comprehensive. The Accu-Lines Duo (a clip on each side) is an ingenious tool providing an efficient and effective way of sketching objects, properties, interior layouts, landscapes and more - all in one amazing tool. The Accu-Lines FlipBoard uses the original Accu-Line patent sketch tech and is simply the best. We embedded micro-pyramidal cones in one side of the clipboard so you always have it with you.  The Accu-Line keeps your sketch lines straight and is translucent to provide tracing to scale using the printed grid pattern. The flip side is a smooth surface clipboard for free-hand note taking.
The quality of the Flipboard is unprecedented - virtually indestructible, stainless steel clips, standard ruler, decimal conversion for inches, metric ruler, and is available for custom branding.
Get one today and see for yourself why we say "The Flipboard is the Best Clipboard on the Planet".

Accu 2A

The Accu-Lines FlipBoard is the ultimate field, workplace or DIY tool.
From Adjusters, Contractors, Architects, Engineers, Construction Management, DIY-ers, Drafting, Project Managers, Students... just about anyone can benefit from the unique design of the Accu-Lines FlipBoard to sketch straight lines without a ruler. The Accu-Lines FlipBoard helps you draw like a pro, quickly and easily.  Whether you're working on the job site, sketching interior or roof dimensions, planning your next kitchen, or just doodling around.
Accu-Line is comprehensive without excess. Overall dimensions are 9”x 12” - the perfect size for holding a letter size piece of paper without excess area or weight so you have the freedom to perform.

The smooth side of the Accu-Lines FlipBoard is sturdy and smooth for ease of taking notes.
The Estimators Reference option (Item DC-302) provides calculations, essential square area formulas, field estimator’s reminders, and more.
Each Flipboard comes complete with standard units of measure (inches) on one side, and metric on the other, as well as decimal conversion for inches 1-11 on the Accu-Line side.