Side Scribe


SideScribe is a versatile, high speed low drag Accu-Lines clipboard and tech carrier.

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The Side Scribe from Bullybag & Tool is unique; a versatile field carrier for your clipboard, laptop, tablet and more made to be used as part of the Belt System or independently as it’s own field carrier.
The Side Scribe Carrier can be worn cross body in messenger bag style with the included adjustable padded strap with swivel attachments making the Side Scribe as versatile and adaptable as you are.
Lightweight and rugged, you will love the versatility of the Side Scribe combined as a component of the Bullybag Belt System…  our most lightweight and comprehensive adjuster field carrier ever.

The best field carrier for your necessary but all too cumbersome tools such as clipboard, Accu-Lines, Laptop, paper, folder and more.The Side Scribe utilizes a cargo net backing to help vent your heat sensitive electronics.
Remain hands free and handle the complex job at hand with ease and comfort.

-Side Scribe Field Carrier
-Adjustable padded strap with swivel hooks
-Cover plate for protecting exposed Velcro when used as a sling.

* Accu-Lines™ Clipboard, Belt, laptop or other tools that may be seen in photos not included *


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