Acculine Custom Logo CAD-MAT Sheets


Custom printed with you logo and company image Accu-Line sketch sheets.

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The Original and best since 1966
Accu-Line® CAD-MAT® Sheets with your custom printed logo for you or your company.

The Accu-Line sheets sell for about $8.00 each on an individual basis, but built a a special offer for our corporate partners.
We will print your logo/company name to the Accu-Line sheets for you, AND save you a ton of money for buying in advance.
Sheet sizes are 8.5″ x 11″
From now until February 1, 2022 we are extending a very special saving for our Accu-Line corporate customers.
Purchase the quantity you want, send us your logo on or before February 1, 2022, in order to receive the special pricing.

Pre-Order delivery – You can expect to receive your Custom Accu-Line CAD-MAT sheets in April 2022
At these prices, these are available in blocks of 500 only with tiered pricing savings PLUS pre-Order discount of .50 ea:
500 (min) = $6.00 each / $5.50 = $3,000 / $2,750 – That’s a savings of AT LEAST $250 on top of tiered price savings!
1000-1,500 = $5.00 each / $4.50 = $5,000 / $4,500 – That’s a savings of AT LEAST $500 on top of tiered price savings!
2000-4,000 = $4.00 each / $3.50 = $8,000 / $7,000 – That’s a savings of AT LEAST $1,000 on top of tiered price savings!
5,000+ = $3.50 each / $3.00 each = $17,500 / $15,000 – That’s a savings of AT LEAST $2,500 on top of tiered price savings!

But wait, there’s more! No sales tax unless sold to an address in Missouri!

Why are we offering this amazing one-time deal?

1) We love our corporate partners.
2) Our inventory of 100,000 sheets for sale to the general public will be delivered to our warehouse in April.
Once in stock, roughly half of that inventory will be reserved for custom logo printing to our corporate customers which is A LOT of unnecessary and duplicitous work on our part.
Instead, we will print our corporate customer custom work first, package and deliver to us all at the same time. Makes sense.
As a way of saying thanks, were extending some very attractive savings on to you.
We expect to take delivery of our Acculine CADMAT Sheets, April, 2022

HIDDEN BONUS! You get all the points and savings for your credit card purchase as well!
BUY NOW! This is a one time special – never to be repeated as of February 1, 2022. BUY NOW! STOCK UP AND SAVE BIG!


We will provide a secure email to send us your logo, post purchase. We will render a proof and send for your approval.
Shipping charges may be applied separately

Accu-Line® and CADMAT® is wholly owned, distributed and a registered trademarks of Bullybag® & Tool Company, Inc
Bullybag® is a Veteran Owned Small Business
All products are skillfully designed in the USA

Claim the Storm® with your custom logo Acculine® CAD-MAT® Sheets today!

** Accu-Lines® Clipboard, Belt, laptop or other tools that may be seen in photos not included **

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500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000, 9000, 10000


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