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Accu-Line FlipBoard – Double Clip with a clip on each side (Item DC-19)

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The Accu-Lines Flipboard – The most amazing field tool since the pencil!

Accu-Lines® Dual Clip FlipBoard® is a thin, virtually indestructible double clip, double sided clipboard with Accu-Lines Straight Line Sketch Design System on one side, and a smooth writing surface for note taking on the other.

The Accu-Line Flipboard is a double sided clipboard with Accu-Line sketch tech drawing grid with clip on one side, and a smooth writing surface with a clip on the other. The last clipboard you will ever need. Micro etched on one side to sketch straight lines without a ruler. Made of virtually indestructible impact resistant material, stainless steel clips and designed in USA! The graph / Accu-Lines side incorporates 1/4″ dark graph spacing with a standard & metric ruler. The opposite side is a smooth writing surface with a clip on each side.
This Accu-Line Flipboard has a clean smooth side printed only with the Accu-Lines labels only.

This version (item DC-19) includes a clip on each side – 1 on the smooth side and 1 on the Accu-Lines straight line sketch side to hold your paper in place as you take notes, or sketch straight lines. Patent pending.
* Does not include BullyBag Ultra Pouch, S-Biner, pen or paper or other items which may be show in photos.*


Accu-Lines Side
The Accu-Lines FlipBoard incorporates the technology of original Accu-Line patented straight line sketch design in order for you to perform straight line sketching without a ruler. Excellent for Drafting, Professional Estimators, Catastrophe Adjusters, Architects, Construction Pros, Engineers, Students & More!
The graph side is the Accu-Lines straight line side which incorporates 1/4″ dark graph spacing and 1″ darker lines allowing for draw to spec accuracy. With a standard & metric ruler, stainless steel clips with removable rubber grips the Accu-Line FLipboard is the comprehensive tool you’ll use for years to come.

Smooth Writing Side
Flip it over and use the opposite side for smooth writing every time. The smooth writing side includes a stainless steel clip as well to secure your paper for notes and is clean with only the Accu-Lines branding information providing a professional smooth appearance.

* A wide 12cm stainless steel clip ON EACH SIDE to secure paper when your note taking, or when drawing a detailed sketch using the Accu-Lines sketch tech.
* Efficient & Effective at 9″ x 12″ – The perfect size for letter size paper.
* Lightweight – only 12 ounces!
* Comprised of Impact Resistant Materials
* Accu-Line patented tech for drawing straight lines without a ruler!

8-10 ounces.
(H) 12” (W) 9” x (D) 3.5mm”
Accu-Line Double Sided/Double Clip Clipboard
Stainless steel clips – one on each side with removable rubber cleats
Draw straight lines without a ruler on Accu-Line side / Flip over for smooth side for notes and handwriting.
IMPACT resistant – Virtually INDESTRUCTIBLE – Buy Today!

2 reviews for Accu-Line FlipBoard – Double Clip with a clip on each side (Item DC-19)

  1. Stacey Neal

    Great product!

  2. Brian Wickstrom

    I’m loving my double clip clip board. I put my graph paper on the micro-line side and my worksheet on the smooth side. It’s the perfect tool for the job!

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